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Intelligent-Pump V2 (Latest Release)

Midnight Black

V2 has launched, with a more complex design, car charge adapter and improved flex hose this model is built for heavy duty use.

The Smart LED screen allows you to see & set an exact value to deliver precision down to the last PSI. Also equipped with auto stop technology, it is extremely versatile and triples up as a power bank and torch.

Included in the kit there is a 12V car adapter so you are never let down when in need of a top up - for your phone or the tires! 


• Suitable for all bikes and can also be used with cars, motorbikes, scooters, basketballs and other inflatables. 

• High Quality finish and materials.

Available in Midnight Black

• Rechargeable battery & charge indicator light

• Extremely accurate pressure settings

• 150 PSI Pressure Output

• Ultra bright Flashlight LED

Schrader Valve With French/Presta Valve Converter

• 500mAh 3.2V x 4 - Power Bank Capacity

• Micro USB

• Weight - 360g


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