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SPYDER™ - The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension


ELIMINATE Saddle Soreness... FOREVER!
Whether You’re a Mountain Biker A Street Rider Or You Just Like to Ride Around Town, One Things’s For Sure - The Spyder™ - The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension Will Eliminate Those Painful, Annoying Saddle Strains That Plague All Cyclist!


  • Health Benefits: Saddle strains are brutally painful annoying and unhealthy! Every rider experiences them while doing his favorite activity and that's why the Spyder™ Saddle was created! Our saddle unlike others remove OVER 97% of saddle strains providing you with the best riding experience that you will ever have!
  • Extreme Durability: Spyder™ is made out of the highest quality materials so durability is out of question! 
  • Easy To Install: Our Saddle can be installed on any seatpost. Just install it as a normal saddle!
  • Anti-Sweat Design: 69 ventilation holes on the surface provide superb airflow so you can keep going all day!

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