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Smart-Pump™ - Premium Model (inc Bicycle Mount)

Say goodbye to hand pumping your tires and guessing the exact pressure. Our Smart-Pump™ will save you time, hassle and energy so you can use it on the road.

The Smart LED screen allows you to see & set an exact value to deliver precision down to the last PSI. Also equipped with auto stop technology, it is extremely versatile and triples up as a power bank and torch.

Included in the kit there is a bicycle mount so you can bring it everywhere and are never let down when in need of a top up - for your phone or the tires! 


• Suitable for all bikes and can also be used with basketballs, motorbikes, scooters and other inflatables.

High Quality finish and materials.

 Free mount and carrying pouch

Available in Frozen White or Midnight Black

Rechargeable battery + Battery Charge indicator light

Extremely accurate pressure settings

150 PSI Pressure Output

Ultra bright Flashlight LED

Schrader Valve With French/Presta valve converter

• 500mAh 3.2V x 4 - Power Bank Capacity

 Micro USB

 Weight - 335g

• Dimensions - 7 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches

Product FAQ

Where can I store it if I need both water bottles?

The Smart-Pump is also a perfect fit for jersey pocket, frame bag or saddle bag like the one shown below.  Check it out here.

Does the Smart-Pump also measure in Bar?

Yes, you can cycle between the units on the device by pressing the “U” button when switched on.  You can choose between PSI, BAR, KPA.

How do I enable charging mode?

In order to enable USB charging mode press and hold the “+” button for 2 seconds when switched off. USB will then appear on the screen meaning the device is ready to charge.

How do I know when the pump is fully charged?

There is a small battery charge indicator light beside the micro USB port - this will turn from red to green when fully charged.

How many tires can I pump with one charge?

The Smart-Pump can pump 8 mountain bike tires from flat in one full charge. But if it’s just a routine air top up, it’ll pump up to 15 tires.

Is the pump compatible also compatible with road bikes & tubeless tires?

Yes, there is a Presta valve adapter included in the kit and it also works with tubeless tyres. 


Choose the model which suits your needs

Version 3.0

If you plan on using consistently with Cars / Scooters / Motorcycles etc which require a lot more air than bicycle tires we recommend Version 3.0 which includes a specific Presta hose and various other changes to design & functionality.

You can check it out here;



SUP Model

Our SUP Model has now also launched, check it out here;



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