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Smart Pump™ - SUP Model

Sky Blue
Midnight Black

Makes a day out paddle boarding so much easier! 

We have been inundated with enquiries from paddle board users so have just launched a new model specifically manufactured for use with SUP's. 

This model connects up to the 12V DC port in your car and is extremely heavy duty. It has a maximum PSI setting of 20 PSI and is accurate to 0.2 PSI.

The SUP model is also ideal for kayaks and boat accessories along with pool toys and large inflatables and allows for 85L/min meaning it can inflate a 10.5 foot SUP to 15PSI in under 10 minutes. 

Auto Shut Off

Just like our other models it is super easy to use and very intuitive.  It allows you to set the desired PSI for automatic shut-off once reached.

Blow up Multiple Family Boards

This model comes with a full set of nozzles and is accurate to 0.2PSI adapting to the majority of inflatable products. The end of the hose have a swivel - meaning you don't have to spin the entire hose to disconnect from the pump.

12V DC Car Connection

Connects to your car's 12 V DC connector and contains a 15amp fuse for increased safety.

Strong and Reliable

Upgraded Smart Pump designed for long service life. Using Teflon as piston sealing parts and high strength engineering plastics as cylinders, the new compression system allows for higher air flow, less heat generation and a longer service life.  It can fill up to five paddle boards one after the other to 15 PSI, supporting up to 20PSI air pressure.

Easy to Use and Compact

You can set the desired PSI and when it gets to that level it automatically shuts off without the worry of over inflation.  The display is easy to read and the power cord is hidden in the fuselage and the pump is small and easy to move.

Size: 25.8*9*18.2cm; Screen: 1.4' LED; Weight: Approx. 900g

Compatible with;

• SUP Paddle Board

• Inflatable Boats

• Inflatable Kayaks

• Pool Inflatables

• Inflatable Swimming Rings

• Inflatable mattress e.g camping mattresses / air beds

• Yoga balls

• Pool & water sport inflatable toys etc.

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